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Welcome to our New Store

Our brand new store at 345 Flaxton Road, Rangiora, is now open! The Sport Shop is the first new store to open at 345 Flaxton Road. We are excited to be part of a new shopping and lifestyle destination that includes the Rangiora Fitness Centre and Active Health podiatry and physio services. Also part of this destination will be our neighbours Hunting and Fishing, […]


Choosing the right Hockey Stick

Our friends over at Kookaburra are passionate and proud of their extensive range of hockey sticks. In their own words “every piece of equipment is packed with embellishing features, tested bespoke science and stylish eye-catching design. Optimising the best breakthrough enhancements from current Kookaburra research, the range has been redesigned to reflect some revolutionary breakthroughs in hockey engineering.” […]

The ultimate winter workout gear

You probably already know about the benefits of wearing Icebreaker merino clothing in the cooler months – it’s lightweight, stylish, hard-wearing and keeps you warm. But did you know there are even more reasons to wear merino for exercise? Why Icebreaker merino?  Icebreaker merino clothing is perfect for layering next to your skin when you’re […]