If you work in the essential services and you need shoes, or you need shoes for your health and well-being, please read on…

The NZ Government allows us to sell shoes in this time of April 2020 level 3 COVID-19 isolation.

However we can only sell through the internet and we must not have contact with our customers- although ‘click n collect’ is allowed.

Therefore this has led to innovation when it comes to finding the right shoe for you.

What size shoe?
We can’t currently physically fit shoes for customers as we would normally do. Therefore, you need to establish your foot size. If you currently wear a pair of shoes from a known brand (example Asics, Adidas, Nike, New Balance) then probably you will need the same size. That size hopefully will be on a tag inside the shoes tongue. You need the US size.

There are 2 main men’s shoe width sizes and 2 main women’s shoe width sizes stocked in NZ. If we are really lucky, the width of your current shoe is also printed on the same tag. For a men’s shoe it might read 2E or 4E. If it is a women’s shoe it might read nothing at all (standard) or D. It is helpful to know this width.

You can also measure your feet. Place your foot on a piece of card, and stencil around the profile. Then measure the length of that profile. Please note, if you wear a snug US 9- this equates to 27.5cm in total length. If you measured your foot profile, it would total 27cm. So, for a snug size you would need to allow an additional 5mm on your profile. For a slightly larger fit you would need to allow an addition 1 cm.

A couple of things here. You need to wear the socks you would normally wear at work. And you may have 1 foot that is longer than the other. It is the longest foot you need to size.

All of our shoes in store are listed in US sizing. If you are confident in your US size, then no problem. But if you are unsure or if you have an especially wide foot, then please measure your feet and message us on Facebook to discuss. We can then check our shoes for the size that matches you.

Payment can be made through our website and we can have the shoes delivered to you.

During the lockdown if you have any questions regarding essential shoes for essential workers, please message us on our Facebook page.

We have been fitting shoes for nearly 16 years and we are here to help.

From the whole team at The Sport Shop, we thank you for your essential work and wish you all the best.