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Leppin Enduro Booster is designed to be mixed and taken whether simply training or actually competing in events. Leppin Enduro Booster prevents depletion of glycogen reserves and consequently the depletion of energy and performance. It is a general energy drink which can be taken as and when required. Simply mix with water and go! Enduro Booster now has a complete electrolyte profile. Along with the usual Sodium and Potassium profile we have added Magnesium and Calcium to further reduce the likelihood of cramps and transport glycogen molecules to the muscle even faster. Directions Put 2 tablespoons of powder (20g) into 250ml cold water and stir briskly until dissolved. For continuous physical exercise: Before: Drink 250ml 5-10 minutes before starting. During: Drink 500ml-750ml per hour. After: Drink 250ml. As a daily energy source drink 250ml whenever extra energy is required. Ingredients Maltodextrins (15-23 chain length), Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Salt, Potassium Salt.
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