Choosing the right footwear

Did you know there’s actually a huge amount of science that goes into creating sports shoes? Choosing the right shoe can make a big difference to your game, enabling you to perform at your best for longer.

Here’s how to pick the right shoes for optimum winter sports performance.

Choosing a rugby boot

The best rugby boots offer cushioning similar to that of a high-performance running shoe and raise your heel a little to take the pressure of your Achilles. This is especially important for growing children and teenagers, and gives players of all ages longer-lasting performance on the field.

Although your kids might be tempted to go for the boots that look the most appealing, choosing boots with the features above will help them be better at their sport! The boots will also last longer and reduce the risk of niggles and injuries.

Choosing a netball shoe

The best netball shoes are harder wearing than a normal running shoe and specifically designed to be used on different areas of the court.

Attack and defence players at each end of the court benefit from a durable shoe, with pivot point technology in the sole, plus mid-sole arch support to help avoid pronation. The best shoes have heel and forefoot gel cushioning, for all the jumping and side-to-side stepping movements in the game.

Mid-court players need a shoe that is designed for speed and agility –lightweight, durable and supportive.