The ultimate winter workout gear

You probably already know about the benefits of wearing Icebreaker merino clothing in the cooler months – it’s lightweight, stylish, hard-wearing and keeps you warm. But did you know there are even more reasons to wear merino for exercise?

Why Icebreaker merino? 

Icebreaker merino clothing is perfect for layering next to your skin when you’re exercising because it works to naturally regulate your body temperature. Merino breathes to make sure you don’t overheat. It also wicks away moisture so your perspiration doesn’t make you cold, and will keep you warm even when wet.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, Icebreaker merino naturally resists odour and can be worn more than once before washing, which is good news for multi-day social activities such as tramping and skiing. It’s machine-washable, dries fast and also doesn’t chafe.
New Icebreaker winter range in-store 

Check out our winter range online or in-store, or talk to one of our staff about the right performance gear to suit your winter activities. We also have a great selection of winter products, including Under Armour thermals, indoor workout gear, and Mac in a Sac rain jackets and pants – an ideal packable option for school ski trips and camps.