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Gray Nicolls Kronus 800 Junior Bat


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Gray Nicolls Kronus 800 Junior Cricket Bat Select Grade 2 English Willow

The KRONUS revolutionary design allows maximum willow to be retained over a large area to create an enormous sweet spot.

Exclusive GN Ultrabow design fused with a ACCU-DRIVE flat face and mid profile.

Generate the power of a Titan enough to frightened Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and bowlers alike.

SWEET SPOT POSITION = Mid: Not too high or too low, the mid sweet spot position is the most popular setup among all cricket bats. This setup gives performance both straight and square of the wicket, while allowing players to be confident with an array of shots. This prime sweet spot position is also famous for what many refer to as a 'balanced' pickup.

PREPARATION = This has received factory preparation, but needs you to finish it off before playing.

BOW = Even: The Even bow found in the majority of modern cricket bats which gets your hands slightly ahead of the ball for ease of stroke play. It also helps the cricket bat feel more aggressive.

EDGES = Big: Big edges make for a forgiving and powerful cricket bat with a wider sweet spot.

SPINE HEIGHT = Medium: Often combined with big edges to create a forgiving bat with an extra wide hitting zone which still rewards striking the blade out of the very middle.

PROFILE SHAPE = Slightly Scalloped: A small amount of scalloping is seen in a very large amount of cricket bats. The goal is to save weight while still making the sweet spot as wide as possible. Even very high quality bats can contain a small amount of scalloping in order to reduce their weight.

FACE = Flat: A modern ACCU-DRIVE flat face helps widen the sweet spot slightly & increases the size of the edges.

This style allows a 'point and shoot' approach to stroke play giving the batsman confidence what the ball will go where they're aiming. Please be aware that extra attention will need to be paid to the edges during the knocking-in process.

HANDLE TYPE = Semi-Oval: A happy medium that brings the benefits of both oval & round handles. This shape aids alignment, slightly weakens the bottom hand for more controlled stroke play and still allows for creative use of the bottom hand. The Kronus is fitted with a black Superlink bat grip.

TOE = Natural: This bat need is fitted with a rubber toe guard.

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