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Gaiam Performance Flatband Maximum Strength


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Gaiam Performance Flatband Maximum Strength

The Flatband is a great tool for physical therapy, fitness, and strength training.

They bring resistance to any workout and build strength, tone muscles and stabilise joints.

The Gaiam Performance range of Flatbands is offered in 3 levels of resistance so you can choose the most appropriate product based on your physical therapy or fitness goals.

Mobility and Movement (Light resistance)

Initial Muscle and joint loading and building strength base

Ideal for rehab and light resistance with high repetitions

Light Resistance 1-3kg

Tone-Up (Medium Resistance)

Boost muscle tone and joint strength

Ideal for increased resistance with moderate repetitions

Medium Resistance 3-5 kg

Maximum Strength

Intense, powerful and dynamic Strengthening

Ideal for maximum load and low repetitions

Heavy resistance 5-7 kg



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