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Pure Fluid Energy Gel Lemon Lime


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Pure Fluid Energy Lemon Lime No Caffeine

PURE Fluid Energy Gels are a premium natural sports gel using real fruit concentrates, juices, carbohydrates, and electrolytes.

PURE Fluid Energy Gels are designed to fuel you during exercise in a no fuss easy to use way.

Most sports gels on the market are thick, hard to consume and are sickly sweet making them difficult to use for long periods while racing and training.

Pure Sports Nutrition took everything they disliked about normal gels and used this as a base for their Fluid Energy Gels.

They flavour their gels with real fruit juices, concentrates, and purees, this makes them taste "real” with no nasty aftertaste.

They also made their gels more fluid so they are easier to consume on the go. You can take their gels in one mouthful while exercising without the chewing associated with normal gels.

The end result is a natural easy to use sports gel that’s perfect for training and racing.


Not thick like most gels

Easy open packaging

Not sickly sweet or over flavoured

25g carbohydrates per serve

No Caffeine

50g net gel

Made in New Zealand

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