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Supertee Duke


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Supertee Duke


The SUPERTEE Duke features a chalice that exposes the sweet spot of the ball to improve accuracy.

The teeth have been individually designed to touch the ball ensuring it effortlessly slides off the tee with minimum friction.

The SUPERTEE Duke height improves kicking averages and will benefit the kicker who holds their head directly over the ball.

Ground teeth anchor the tee providing greater stability and improved accuracy.

A smaller version of the Prince and King.

Twin tapered teeth have been shaped/rounded to assist with the release of the ball off the Tee.

Goalkickers using the Duke will appreciate the mid-height of striking the ball the Duke provides.

Just like every other Supertee, the SUPERTEE Duke was designed by the Rugby legend - Daryl Halligan.

Each Supertee has been used and tested by professional league players such as Daryl Halligan, Dan Carter, and many more- to make it what it is today. ?xml:namespace>

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