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PTP Elite PowerTube Heavy Orange 12.4kg

Start your very own customised resistance training system or replace an old tube that has become worn out with the PTP PowerTube

The PowerTube also represents a great option if you already own a PTP Total Resistance System and wish to add to it because you’re sharing it with a partner

The built-in heavy-duty carabiners allow you to add or subtract resistance and to switch from lower to upper body exercises in next to no time

The PowerTube comes with our internal safety string that prevents it from overstretching beyond its normal range of motion, letting you train with peace of mind

At 12.4 kg worth of tension at full extension, the Orange PowerTube is our heavy PowerTube

It is specially designed for individuals with existing strength and an advanced level of fitness, who wish to achieve further muscle definition and/or fat burning

To create a fully functional gym, simply add the PTP Power Handles, Ankle Straps, Door Anchor and Outdoor Anchor and discover the benefits of being able to train anywhere and anytime

Great solution for individuals who see themselves needing to progress/increase the level of challenge in the future

Built-in metal clips to easily add/subtract resistance and alternate between upper and lower body workouts

Weight rating for added convenience/to keep track of loading when combining PowerTubes

Premium latex tubing manufactured through a continuous immersion process

Innovative anti-snapping I.C.T. [Inner Cord Technology] for unrivalled safety

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